Onwards with new seasons coverage, right? That's what you want, si? OK. Well is now officially Autumn/Winter in fashion world, which means Summer is over, officially. In Nardo, Puglia, Italy, it's 34 degrees outside at 11am and am hiding from the sun like a good ginge should, hence chance to 'write'. This is producing a split-seasonal mindset, within which am quite happy to blow hot and cold. For Autumn/Winter expect outerwear and tailoring stuff. For the last throws of Summer, classic colour balance simplicity. Also asides which include Dad/wedding day dancing and walking pace significance poem. It's gonna be fractured and splintered. Autumn-splinter in fact. (this name only works if you parlare de moda)

For now, as if to illustrate the cross over/clash of seasons, when on shopping mission Thursday for Dolce at my pasticceria and prosecco from the supermarket, I spotted a rather fetching chocolate brown felt Fedora. Not exactly what I had in mind for fishing trip later, but perfect with chocolate brown Jimmy Choo laptop case that was brandishing with intent. Reduced to six euros and clearly autumn winter, it was so so not what you'd expect in a supermarket. Loved the hat, but once you embrace hats at a certain age, its almost like there's no going back, particularly if loosing barnet. Ten years they add apparently. Christ. Luckily for me, it was too too perfect looking on my host at the Villa in Alezio where we were languishing, so she has it now. She just furnished me with this picture. Buono composizione, brava Dee.

Shaded serving suggestion from Dave, robe shouldering in herringbone. The Man Who Fell To Earth.

Stubbs out in the shade.

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