Am gonna write about matter later, but for now, I'd like to pay my respects to professional dancers everywhere. I am humbled. Yesterday I discovered how impossibly incapable I was of even striking convincing classical dance poses, never mind stringing two or three 'moves' together. Am a binary thinker when it comes to dance it would appear. Multiple tasking of things such as not slipping while lunging /dropping girl/pulling faces like a mid-speech Hitler eluded me completely. My choreographer climbed the steepest learning curves. My poor, patient partner served the modelling equivalent of community service in ballroom bedlam.

Together, awkwardly entwined, she looked blissful and dreamy like a Roxy Music cover girl, while I strained like an Olympic standard hernia puller. It was quite something. Think Frankie Howard in dinner dress attempts abduction of glamour girl from dance floor of studio 54 and you're near.

Will regale you fully of my deficiencies shortly.

TS in dance shame.

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