Right then, it's Domenica, so let's have something from the Church that is tailoring. E.Tautz (pilgrims to click) is the British heritage sporting outfitters resurrected by The Bishop of Righteous Correct Dressing, The Right Reverend Patrick Grant. He won designer of the year from the British Fashion council this year. He is also the bearded Director of Norton&Sons on The Row, which sort of gives him cart blanche to do soft, sporty shoulders and cuts, or rigid structured gear, as his houses straddle both realms.

The man is making serious forays into menswear by taking 'correctness' and teaming it with knowing fabric selects and silhouettes. Tautz shows at LFW, and is a pillar of strength in our bourgeoning men's day. Skilful design is at work within this classic outfitters format. Not so good on a seating plan though. I refused to sit in second row, so stood at the back, like a guilty school boy- (click).

One of Grant's fundamental beliefs is in entirely U.K. sourced materials. Visit site for details on this (clickage). Through these nurtured liaisons with frequently very small suppliers, E.Tautz has embraced all manner of exciting fabrications. Challenging and engaging fabric ideas are a pivotal area in structured menswear for the near future I believe.

Generous lapels on double breasted jacket, pronounced, wider shoulder line, rope, Donegal. Nice way forward.

More DB, more interesting fabric, this time the soft, almost pagoda-like pronunciation on shoulder line. It's getting too hot to tweed, better tie this up..

Putty colour peacoat, teamed with maroon, on a ginger. Brave and shocking stuff.

Mustard covert style coat, again on a fully blown ginger. NB. Tautz knitted hats are simultaneously excellent and trendy-hipster. Cool?

Narrow pants and the Donegal SB deliver stylish contemporary take on classic separate dressing.

Colour balance is excellent at from E.Tautz. Another key aspect to Autumn structured menswear if you wanna look lively. The Tautz shoulder line features in my FT HTSI piece on tailoring due out in October. Please see if you can hold yourselves together till then.

Stubbs out.

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