Spencer Hart's flagship shop opened on the corner of Davies and Brooke Street Tuesday night, and with it the brand elevated itself to a new level. Baroness Mingay, first lady of propaganda, had Davies Street shut for the limos to park nicely in. The shop, opposite Claridges, is open,  mod-luxe and mannish. It's double nice to hang about in and consider clothes.  No accident. Nick Hart created the space along with Shed interior designers.

All manner of the Hart extended family of cool were in attendance. Those young tikes from the Shadow Puppets, Kaine and Turner, Brett matey boy from Suede, 3-D and Daddy G from Massive attack and my boy The David Gray.

Yeah, I know that's a water mark across the picture, but its bleeding Sunday innit, so can't request without. Hope to rectify. Smashing and clean inside, no? Hart's holy grail of sharp, controlled suiting this side of the Palm Springs wall (see right of picture).

Below, my language/journalistic advisor Mr. Holden lurks next to Mr. Gray like someone out of the first bits of Performance, but on their night off. I'm not making actual allegations. The other side of the ground floor houses the new Spencer Hart Palm Springs collection. Casual pieces such as chinos,  polos, shawl collar cardies and neat jackets are given the strict colour, cut and fabric select Hart  treatment. Prices step away from previous rosters, in an egalitarian manner.

Downstairs in the vault things go the other way however. The Black Seersucker collection lives here, and it's seriously indulgent. The darker, intimate, and super suave decor provides the backdrop to a new realm of bespoke luxury. Aside from eyewear and top-end vintage watches, one can order what one desires, from super-chic loungewear to cashmere lined, leather trimmed Macs. Consider an of black/midnght blue seersucker suit perhaps? I know Nick is. The mirrored fitting area is pretty spesh. Am gonna see how can wangle a couple of meetings down there. Must think of a reason. Not even got pictures of that bit yet.

Gonna insert detail and more opinion after have run 12k and had lunch at A Little of What You Fancy with Lyall. However, will say for now, Hart's thinking on menswear is potent and resonant. The shop is special and the new product is strong. The Hart ethic remains the same, but applied to more areas. The collaborations with Edward Green, Floris, Sunspel and Swaine Adeney & thingy are really good. Taste-making and evocative literature and style cultural books punctate the clobber. Going for run, more later..


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