While I swelter in Puglia, and the UK is buffeted by wind,  boots still seem madly important for coming season. Agreed? Expect these might be a bit too, too boxing for many. Still, Hermes version is quite lovely. Would be tempted to drop them with cuffed tracksuit bottoms, which could cause problems in certain areas. Mainly abuse on S&E. Everyone needs a 'luxe-ghetto' flex though. That's a style fact.

Boxing clever dick from Hermes.

Then there's these fellas from Tod's, their Gommini boots, almost like space cadet hiking affairs. Again would be tempted to do something suitably boot exposing around the ankle. Like tucking in maybe. Unlaced this could look a trifle X Factor contestant/strip-o-gram. Laced, and with pale sock protruding, then rolled down: special forces on route to bird seed shop. Good eh?

Got some other boot suggestions to stick up in a day or so. Please don't buy boots until you've seen those, will you? I shall add to this boot post when I can stop sweating and being bitten. Damn these local pests. I've tried to reason with them but I think it must be the Acqua di Parma, or something.


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