London Fashion Week is well underway. I don't do much till men's day, then it's a fully blown day of man-style. Till then it's quite quiet as it goes. Gonna cover it on Style&Errror, obviously. Might tweet it too and see how that goes. Doing exploratory test tweets later today about back garden based stuff to limber up. It's really going off out there. Three main factions, four if you include me. Cats, squirrels and birds. I'm a hundred percent affiliated with the birds, obviously. I love them. I feed them seeds and suet balls. The cats try and kill the birds. The squirrels steal the seeds and suet balls. I throw stones at the cats and the squirrels.

I know what you're gonna say about that, but wait. I am technically a combat unit engaged in action. I am no more happy than you about the situation, but this is war. There will be casualties. One dead coal tit so far, but things could get worse. It's more than just the body count frankly. It's the social cost. Mainly in suet balls and man hours. No one really remembers the first aggressions, they started years ago, and now generations have grown up hating. I particularly hate the squirrels, after incidents dating back to 2005. Something quite unusual happened, and the reprisals were remarkably far reaching in human/squirrel terms.

This is where most of the action takes place. That's a fresh suet/seed ball in the foreground with a seed dispenser with four armoured perch outlets in the background. Note, have started using fine thread to trick the squirrels, but I think someone's tipped them off.

Meanwhile, senses sharpened by years of struggle, I have identified similar patterns amongst the trendy factions occupying areas of East London. I saw them interacting at the LC-NN party on Thursday. I seemed to have got side tracked.

Am enlisted in other action shooting my crew for video stance based videos for a client. Will regale later, but for now, this is the look of what we did over the weekend. Location outside Grannys off Lower Clapton Road.

Stubbs out in all sorts of Metropolitan action.

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