Men's day at LFW is actually good. Christ it took a while to get going, but with the help of the omnipotent Topman and it's NewGen project, the B.F.C and other factors like many of our designers are convincing and strong now, we've got something going on. Which is lovely. I'ts a proud day for us men's fashion mob to be bowling round our own metropolis attending our own shows. Soon foreigners will come in their droves. How many people in a drove these days?

NB. There's a video of a girl at the end of this post if you're interested.


First important show I attended was Shannon at 9.45am. Sitting one seat over from Ma' Shannon has nothing to do with the fact that thought it was brilliant. Properly brilliant. He smashes it with his signature key pieces. That's what ya got to do. You only need about four key pieces and you're functioning. For him it's graphically divided shirts with panels and a street savvy slant on 'designer', it's lad-fanciable little bomber/blousons, premium shorts and that rare thing, nice, cuffed-bottomed track pants. Favourite street style designer at this moment.

Go on, mention comb head-pieces and slightly treacly hair in a negative way.  I dare you.


In many ways, Topman Design is the most consistently coherent men's runway show one gets to see. They've got the team, the wedge, the strength of position to do push stuff that functions on various style levels. They've got top bods on board and can afford to edit out stuff that doesn't work. They hit you up with excellent suiting ideas that you could probably afford without too much worry. A firm take on Spring's light colours and textured fabricaction in DBs. Then they parade a whole roster  of top-end styling that takes fabric/prints, colour balance and informed directional design right out there with the many notable international designers. The prints are excellent, the knits pushing the envelope with the best.

OK, they do send down the odd miniscule burgundy cord/suede hot pant teamed with a big old hand knit, but they can afford to. The knit they put over the top is actually super good, so the stoic detractors can simply swivel. This is fashion week after all, can't just do pleasant suiting, eh?

I've edited the morning down to three things. Might expand. Might not.


And then there was Jo Sykes' first proper collection for Aquascutum, a light dynamic and pert affair. She's got the suiting and outerwear blocks in place giving her the scope to do some exciting stuff with fabric and colour. Hate to mention money, but these suits are affordable too. £600-£800. Interested? I was. Sykes says it all the video I think, so I don't have to.

LFW mens TBC.


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