It came early. Just after dawn. I was ready for the attack, and staved if off for hours. It didn't matter though, as it was relentless. I took a call at 7.40am from Sexton about Chester Barrie, and in the time it took me to make a coffee the squirrels had taken another ball. I caught one sod having a last go at the feeder. I used a new 'grape shot' technique and fired a dozen small stones his way all at once. I made a hit, he lost his footing in the tree, but recovered and the little sod made off.

Supplies are getting low, and I cant see myself making through LFW at the current rate of insurgence. I have to up the stakes. I said I'd never resort to chemical warfare, but the climate is changing quickly here. I never thought it would come to this. I'm going up the Turkish to buy Pledge.


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