(N.B. Updated version). Although it was what you might call a rather basic, nay battered little fishing boat we were aboard yesterday off the coast of Gallipoli, there were pretty serious watches getting dropped. About fifteen affluent Italians of different ages were on board a working peasant vessel to go and eat fruit de la mare, bob about and talk. Not much actual clothing going down. Plenty of prestige swim shorts, O.B.s, Vilb's one pair of Chucs (click on names), but more original Speedo shape 'trunks', the ones I believe get called budgie smugglers. The pouch look is a very Italian stance.  On the Starboard side, next to a Neopolitan Septuagenarian doing a pretty mean Signore Armani impression, (white plum-pouch, Bulgari bracelet, Rolex Daytona), I spied a classic Italian silver fox with a major kettle on his wrist.

His 'trunks' were yellow, his curly hair pushed back like rich yacht blokes do (a strong move as you start to loose coverage), and his watch was an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak with blue face. The first steel luxury watch, launched 1972. This 'sports' affair really is one of the glamour watches of all time, and worn by yacht dweller/owners as part of a indentikit super-luxe lifestyle package*.

However, on the Portside, a younger smoothy with considerable chest hair volume going off was teaming a pair of battered red Olebars with one of my all time favourite watches. The Patek Philippe Nautilus. Rose gold too, chocolate face. The case is based on a porthole. The brushed/polish surfaces, colour scheme and ridged face layout are pure Seventies design, also.

You don't get too many of these down Clapton Pond I can tell you. Could probably buy a brand new boat if you flogged these two down Hatton Garden. However, this entire crew  were double happy eating their raw urchins and squid straight out the sea. Except one unfortunate adolescent who was forced to eat sea snail by what can best be described as bigger boys. Bless. Not got time to opinionate too much right now as going back to the sea. However, tomorrow a new roster of  coverage starts. Haters, keep hating.


*First you get the yacht, then you get the AP, then you get the girls (or boys in his case).

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