So it pretty much looks like she ain't ever coming back. I can't believe it. It's only been just over a year, but one simply cannot help grow fond. We eloped from our mutual agency together sixteen months ago. Now she wants to go and do full-time babysitting. I thought she was 'the one'. I left myself with no options on he back-up cleaner front. Where am I going to get another Cristina? She wasn't actually that good at cleaning, but she had a certain something about her... 'Clean the gaff yourself' I hear you mutter into your Eggs Benedict. I am doing, of course. But what exactly is suitable attire?

Cristina wore a sort of Eighties snow-washed denim look with white and gold accessories and pastel, slogan A-symetic tops. Often a tight top-knot, sometimes a Sixties set with an odd fringe arrangement. That'll never work for me, so, last night began on some of the back garden based 'issues', and decided a Beavis-eque look works rather well. Dark trainers, white ankle socks, black shorts and heavy metal T-shirt. Havent got a Metallica one, so made do with an old Moschino one that says PEACE. Scared my neighbour putting the bin out late.

Was supposed to be all about white tie this weekend, but it's turned out all black shorts again for now. It just goes to show. Onwards and upwards.

TS on knees.

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