After yesterday's Shout To The Top euphoric epiphany that triggered while writing about Oliver Spencer's show music, spent day driving round doing stuff in town, sun out, top down, T.S.C. blaring.  All day. The rediscovery and the sun made me very high, like the beginning of Spring. Frankly am ready to go again, like the Summer was in fact a good dress rehearsal. The public seemed pleased by the slow base line of Long Hot' as it played over and over. There's something brilliant about it. Also revisited Cafe Blue , and Introducing The Style Council EP. This video was controversial at the time as Paul takes his top off. Controversially, it turns out is not the beginning of Spring. Today could be another mental one though. Go mental. Recommended listening: more TSC, burn it up while we can. Recommended dress code: spazzalato prada loafers, tight white jeans and little blazer. Oh, too late. That was the look of the Summer. Maybe this is more transitional?

By the time I was making way home throw a darkening Hackney, moods had changed. The Paris Match, this time sung by Paul from Cafe Blue, seemed to sum it up. As Paul says, 'I'm only sad in a natural way, I enjoy sometimesfeeling this way..'. Tracey Thorn sings the version below. There's a little photo montage to go with. Plenty of old shots of the boys. Tres chic

Today's style advice: Imagine your last few Summer looks for ages (cause they are), then, like Mick, push the boat out. After this brief heat wave,  dress for Paris Match, not Long Hot Summer. Long term leads to less disappointment. Simply insert belted lightweight trench where applicable. Pass my Gitanes? I can feel another episode coming on..

TS out in it.

P.S. Mick Talbot of TCS, formally of The Merton Parkas, went to the same school as my Dad. Fact.

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