Like a butlering version of Jason Bourne, I woke with a tie mission firmly implanted in head. The time has come. Fabric ties must be identified and acquired. Particularly woollen, textured numbers. Having been enlightened to Alexander Olch (click) by that bloke from Mr. Porter, discovered that am keen on the English wool (click),

and Super fine English wool (clickmans) fellas. Might look dull on the page, but they're not. They're suave. They almost have an edge, as much as a wool tie can have.

Then there's the Italian cashmere ones that are fanciable too (cliccio).

Also rather keen on Drake's too (clickage), a British brand. Their cashmere ones are the way forward (click).

And a grey one. Stupid people think they're boring, cool people think they're stylish.

Then there's Drake's 7cm guys (click it). Also cool. OK, not knitted but still nice.

Gonna hunt down a couple more brand options and call it a successful mission, then perhaps the inexplicable head pains will end. Meanwhile, think these best with non-white shirts, pinks, blues, maybe herringbones, greys, textured Oxfords button downs too. The next poser is what  pocket square to go with these chaps? Back with some findings when I find them. Unlikely to be sourced on Hackney Downs, but that is where am heading. Am strangely drawn there now...


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