Linked Mr. Hart on Wednesday while he was ensconced in his own imagined-become-real 'Cathedral of Cool', The Spencer Hart flagship shop. It's a place that all style merchants should visit. There will be something of interest for any man worthy of that title. I can't think of another shop like it for men. Like Nick, I was wearing brown too, but entirely the wrong season. It was double hot, and Hart had it just right, damn him. Chic and light, chocolate brown and black, oh yes. I'll let him talk you through the style stance/sermon. Amen Daddy-O.


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Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 21.14.45
Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 21.14.45

-Oliver Goldsmith 'Glyn' sunglasses- Which I don't think are a collaboration, although though there is a collection of OG Spencer Hart in the vaunted vault downstairs. Which I must point out is pretty spectacular.


-Patek Philipe Aquanaut. Forgot to ask about watch, didn't I, despite that fact that it's one of my favourite sporty modern watches going. See GQs October watch special if ya don't believe I rate it. Dynamic shape, clever rounded octagonal design with polished and brushed steel finish to case, updated Seventies sports watch style, not too big. Oh, it's simply smashing.

-Lord knows where to get an image of the shoes. Will ask in the morning.

The rest is pure undiluted Spencer Hart, but you spotted that.

Stubbs on the 55 back to change out of knitwear and a three piece...