Was in town yesterday, Spencer Hart HQ, and while picking up the pertest of chocolate brown chinos (they're too good for the chino moniker frankly, more of them later) ended up thumbing through a book on Dave, one of many in the shop. I bought it as there were a number of early shots that had never seen, others simply couldn't resist.

Top l-r: Jay Z's Dad, Lord Lucan, Dave, Bob Mortimer, Angie, Malcome McLaren

Then ran into Carlo Brandelli, style thinker/merchant extraordinaire, and talked for in George with The Baroness about the key menswear references that everyone should know but they don't. Dave, Bryan in Roxy, some other guys (more of them later).

Below is a late reference, 1985, but is a candidate for something  wanna do with suiting. DB, shorter jacket, wider pants, lighter crisp colour. It's gotta function, right? Shall get in contact with Anthony Price who made this suit. And say, er Tony, will you do me a suit please, like Dave's?

Might not be ideal for all projects, but fuck it, am getting bored. Like today for example. Might be just the ticket for Clapton in the spring. Enough of the great creator, question of what to wear for Wembley in the sun is next pressing issue, (poignantly the last plug hole of creativity that our culture is disappearing down). OK, here's a recipe for over styling: New Dave book, running fast, in the sun and too too much coffee... Fawn Billionaire Couture bespoke silk/cotton/wool mix suit, Edward Sexton pin collar shirt, Fratelli Rossetti canvas tassel loafers.

A look that says 'I'm focused on work (someone else's), I like a bit of a cavort, but am as ready as gonna be for a day at the studio'. Right? Yeah right. Well, gotta do something to pass the time. JW was passing with The Stripper, hence the impromptu shoot. Come to think of it, we should have shot her instead.


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