Attempting espresso version of events. While out running, Cornish Craig dropped off our haul. £95 worth of fish, two boxes of the stuff on ice. Four massive sea bass, two giant sea bream, many lemon sole, k of crab meat etc. No scallops (our main want). He's gone and is out of reception now, although he did leave a £95 credit card slip he'd put through, and mentioned that due to the specific and insistent nature of my order he assumed I was a chef. Right. We now have more fish than anyone in St. Ives. I've never cooked fish this big. Don't even know how to approach the sods, miles bigger than the fellas I do in London. From my research, it's 'cause they are line caught, not farmed. Brilliant. Love a fishing line.

Simultaneously the fridge in the cottage slipped into a loud coma, and now generates only heat and a continuous drilling noise, (AKA The Tormentor). I've decided to sell fish to local shops and restaurants. Amusing but time consuming process. They all buy farmed, I can tell by their price structure, damn them. Word is old Matthew S' was banging out farmed gear too. Most restaurants can't afford my line caught. How much to charge too? It's tough. Only one taker thus far, and was so glad sold massive bass for £10, (£4 loss).

While replacement fridge is negotiated, and ice supplies dwindle, the estate agent is allowing me to house some of my excess sea bass and sole in their fridge. Not ideal, but needs must. I just turfed out all their party cider and stuffed fish wrapped in New Look bags into freezer. Blood and ice everywhere. The crab they can hold for now as reverse hostage. Spent much of day moving fish around the town and introducing self to kitchens with my pitch. Appearing involved in the infrastructure is a good look I supposed. Attempting to bake a sea bream tonight when found some industrial size foil.

Next big question, what is suitable fish-mongering footwear? In light drizzle. Thinking smart casual lends right sort of hands on impression to my customers. Sort of 'can-do' but posh too, yes? For now persevering in maroon suede Gucci snaffle loafers. More from fish related shoe watch tomorrow.

TS tout and about.


Gone but not forgiven. M. Stevens. Farm raised merchant bastards.

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