So doing press days at moment, yeah, SS 2012 and that, right? Saw these and thought of you. Well, not you. Thought of Stretch the jewellery designer as it goes, but you might be interested as collar style is simply all anyone's talking about this last couple of days.

They're by Ambush (click), who're all mates with BAPE and people, so is pukingly trendy, (in certain quarters). The web site doesnt show the jewellery in the most obvious manner, or perhaps at all, but is worth a visit for a bit of context. Look, here's whole tray of the stuff.

This stuff is full on collar aggro bondage. Useful in certain scenarios, like subverting suit stances or looking mental on the 55. Less so in others.

Gotta dash.

TS almost out in The Metropolis

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