Ensconced back in the Metropolis and have hit the ground running. Well, brisk walking at least. Do love J.M. Weston (la click). There are many other shoes to fancy obviously, but this French lot really know how to fashion slim, elegant yet deceptively low-key affairs. How French of them. They handle a point with exceptional grace. They can crank a suit ensemble up a notch or two, without being obtrusive. Perfect for what I'm up to today. Cranking unobtrusively. That's the new big thing. Gonna deploy at least one of these pairs today in a new stance. Not for me personally you understand, but a couple of million will see them for sure.

Like the cheeky Ken Clarke suede guys on the left? Favs are the one piece fellas to their right. Granted none of these are madly challenging, but small steps are required in certain areas of men's style. Stealth ratcheting. Elegant shoes that sex-up your suit looks are gonna be useful. Don't worry. Got plans to liven the vista up in other ways. Keep yourselves alert.

Talking of which, in the harbour back in St.Ives, they're practically giving it away in preparation for November's Twitchers convention. Saw one of these mentalists in a sleeping bag on the cliffs on the coast yesterday morning when I was running and saying goodbye to the massive sea. He was just plotted. Looking. Waiting. Mental. Maybe he was himself in between bouts of actual twitching. Who knows?

TS is going to Wembley.

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