Funny how certain activity things 'take you away'. Wednesday night/Thursday morning managed to disappear into the task of cleaning my chandelier. I hung it off a small clothes rail in the living room and sat for some hours with a couple of bottles of Mr. Muscle Chandelier cleaner. Bliss for some reason. For once felt totally calm, like was doing 'right' thing. For once. Don't know how to hang it though. JW might. Worse still, don't know yet what one wears to hang a chandelier? Must be pivotal I would have thought.

The chandelier is quite odd, Forties and French, bits have been added/adapted (know how it feels, sort of). It has coloured glass grapes hanging from it in a couple of places (er). Some balls came off in my hand and they need to be re-attached (hang on..). The bulb mounts are like melted candles. Very German apparently.

For now the activitys ground to a halt and am back on the 'style for a living' tip. Was at the Savoy last night, 'styling'. Shot the chandelier that was in my work room. Not keen to put it up though. Makes mine look a bit insignificant. Chandelier envy/inadequacy. Who'd have thought it?

This was supposed to be about style. Not really is it? Gonna come up with some suitable chandelier chic looks for God only knows what. Friday is a long night in sometimes.


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