Was in Spencer Hart's shop last week and bought 'chinos' and a book. Went back this Friday to get the navy version of the 'chinos' (they're just too, too good to be ...etc) and found the place was kicking off. Hart's dream looked like it was coming true from where I was plotted at the concrete bar, I mean counter.

Ian Bruce, lead singer of The Correspondents, was getting fitted for outfits for his video by Joe, one of the directors. This scene was overlapping with Rufus Sewell and Jack Huston loafing about on the settee, looking dashing and actorish while talking about business (their business) and buying brown suede Spencer Hart/Edward Green shoes. They were also testing the Floris Palm Springs collaboration fragrance. Rufus was very complimentary about my boots too, which is why there's a picture of him and not that Huston fellow.

Ian Bruce out of The Correspondents

We also discussed the colour chocolate and how it works in chino/britches format. One hears talk of little else these days in certain circles.

Rufus was complimentary about my chinos and my boots, but I could see he was in fact deeply jealous.

Other customers were in and out like a steady stream of style pilgrims. There's enough staff to deal with the burgeoning congregation, almost. Left to my own devices (the privilege of being friends and family), I discovered a completely divine double breasted navy overcoat. Mid-length, fitted and with peak lapel. Am not sure exactly how to classify it in overcoat terms, as is a meld, but it feels like a crombie/guardsman coat fusion. Its fit is so slick and yet low key, straight off the peg. A good overcoat is quite miraculous in what it can do for posture - it's all that military ancestry. I'd only had it on for a moment and realised it and me were going to be together. Not a great shot of it am afraid, but dashing about a bit this morning.

"Get you coat love, you've pulled" I said to the coat.

Christ hang on, I've arrived somewhere. Literally, in a car, not metaphorically. Will finish this shortly..here's a pictorial interlude:

..right OK, landed as it were. Um, oh yes, Spencer Hart, was exhilarating place to be yesterday afternoon, particularly after a glass of poo. Oh yes, the chino. This picture naturally does not do them justice. They come up high, again like a military pant, like britches almost. V. Beau Brummel. They're dead narrow, the waist band is neat and high, and the pockets on the back are quite acute in their design. They are brilliant.

We've been on about brown on this site before yeah, well it's true, it is totally important. Team it with navy and you're off. Ended up buying two coats in one day because of the potency of these britches/chinos. Lets call them Brino's. There, only took a week to lay that down.

Stubbs out.

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