Live from the harbour in St. Ives, I present the last bit of LFW Men's Day, fresh from two weeks ago in London, (if fish can keep for two weeks -doubtful- so can runway reports). Regardless, came out of Mr. Start presentation and decided might be precarious to attend A Child of The Jago show and still comfortably breeze to Claridges for Rake Menswear soiree thing and thing. Breezed to Brooke St. and so now regarding 'Jago on line.


Looking at 'Jago on line, am not certain what to make of it. Have a (click) yourself. Their manifesto of mayhem and outsiderism sounds reasonable on many levels: Menswear is rather dull at mo', it's double straight (well, polarised into straight and comedy ridiculous at LFW) and smacks of commercialism (but then again, it's not a hobby, it's business, so what's it supposed to feel like, theatrical charity work?). A spot of disruption can only be good. Right? Joe Corre is Vivienne Westwood's son and the family resemblance is unmistakable. Is fashion genetic? Its v.V.W in many ways without the pedigree that makes her sell. Meanwhile, business partner Barnzley has been doing a brand of punk/aggro/attitude men's style since Pontius was a New Romantic. At least he's consistent in that. Maybe it's old blokes wearing it that look so daft. Could look good if adopted by the young and worn with some conviction. Not sure about the young either as it goes.There's a good leopard shirt on sale on the site FYI (clickage) see end of post.

I like the matching print jacket & jeans, like pirate (as in parrots and peg legs) meets ragga. Familiar? They should make that one of their motifs. A lot of the rest is too out of reach to jump into, especially for the wedge involved. I'd have quite like to have seen this stuff styled straight. On boys without make-up that actually look like they might have a ruck/board your ship/rump your bird.  Might have made it contextual, or something. It's a runway show, I know, but might be good to not go the fashion way with this.

This look is more piratical/old-school stock market trader on way back from big session at Vogue Fabrics. Actually, maybe this does work. Socks are double wrong though. So Grange Hill. Below, like suit, but there's something Bud Flannigan about the hat that says, I'm a big Bud Flannigan fan. They put on a show at least. Phew.

Meanwhile across The Metropolis in Claridges, Rake Lounge was making its U.K. debut....Curse me tiny dongle. I can't download Rake images. It's just gonna have to wait...

"I'm sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away, am just sitting on the dock of the bay, wastin' time..."

(actually it's a sofa bed, and it's a small harbour, not a dock, but I am watching the tide roll away. Again) Double ahoy.



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