Don't you just hate those requests to be a friend/contact/pony-associate on LinkedIn one gets by email? They're always from rather mediocre operators, at best. No one super-dynamic, successful or in demand is on LinkedIn, are they? No one chic or savvy. I resent LinkedIn. It's the mark of the media joker. LinkedIn is the LiDL of networking. It's for losers.

Today I got a sort of composite LinkedIn mail of loads of the jokers in a line up. A losers gallery. It gave me an idea. Anytime you get a LinkedIn request from someone, swiftly go through phone, emails and anything else to hand and delete that person forever. Then find at least one of their associates and erase them too. Think Stalin on this one, long term this is the way forward. Networking on line, pah! Mugs parade on line more like.

TS out.

PS. If you're on LinkedIn and you're reading this, this site is not for you. Goodbye.

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