Had these new shirts made. Long collars in more closed styles are way forward. Really they are. Convinced collar size and shape is one of the most underrated/over-looked style conductors in the smart equation. These fellas are button down underneath, and are from my pal Nash at Emmett on Jermyn (clickage). They're called Roveretto, and their Seventies style works with textured wool ties am also banging on about and textured, tactile fabrics in suiting with wide lapels that rate. Planning a shoot that brings all this together. Got a significant fella to model it hopefully. Can't say too much, obviously, but he does a mean blue steel.

Both dead nice, would consider them without a tie myself, but that's something am enjoying as it looks slightly mental right now. Good mental that is. None of the idiots are wearing them as far as I can tell, increasing their appeal.

Talking of mental, was working/walking/gawping round Shoreditch and Redchurch Street yesterday. What a bunch of jokers gravitate that way? Everyone's believing the hype. I had to go for work, and its fine/pleasant enough,  am sure everyone has their excuse, but the biscuit building yesterday was really taking the biscuit. Helped me get clear in my head what am not about. Someone was affecting that going up at the sentence thing in random places in sentence, not the end? Laughable. Another balding young bloke was doing Black Adder I/Max Wall/Dave Hill and simultaneously giving it large. Laughable out loudable.

Expect backlash manifesto excerpts. Might let one off shortly. Don't hold your breath. Or maybe you should prepare to.

Stubbs out (of the loop thankfully).

PS. Some else just pitched me Noel Edmonds' tailor, as a positive thing. SOL (Snorted Out Loud). There's two ends of pony style spectrum to consider.

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