Have borrowed a massive Mercedes Benz S500 off Baroness Mingay to take my Mum to St. Ives. Over the top? Almost certainly. It's a complete beast. Looks like a businessman's car, handles like a sports car, roars like a rocket/turbine machine when you push it a bit. Quite mental. Not exactly on zeitgeist engine wise, but an exhilarating drive. It's like sitting in a cement grey leather armchair that massages your back round corners, feeling nothing but apparently unlimited horsepower at your disposal. In fact it is that. Obviously gonna be low key with the Madre on board. Obviously. Leaving Bristol now, should be in Cornwall in about an hour and a half. Meanwhile, have I under-unpacked?

How many pairs of shoes/boots does one take for five days in St. Ives? Am thinking four seems reasonable? Plus two options on runners. How fussy are you about getting the right shoe designer in the right shoe bag? Am pretty obsessed about it, but sometimes you've just gotta roll with.

Left to right, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Louis. Left too late, and the tension is mounting here, as it's quarter to two and we've not, left that is. See you on the other side of the Cornish borders.

TS out.

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