For matchy-matchy accessory quotient and dubious boot select

Feel a little bit mean having a go at poor Jude. Sod it. He's asking for it. Sod's law. Right, in the words of Sophia George "Young man you're too matchy-matchy, you just a match it 'round the worldie ." Ahem. Quite. Can't go round matching two or more accessories without like looking a bit of a tool.  Three is a definite dismissal. Such a shame as hat is lovely one and it suits him, but matchy-matchy doesn't strike the right chord of embracing style in carefree manner. Makes you look like a meet and greeter outside a THF hotel or something. A few steps removed, but you're on the road to being a male equivalent of those really annoying girls who gets obsessed by the colour pink, and have everything pink. Then there's the too long trousers. They're too long. Thens there's the toe cap boots. They're wrong with this sort of sharp, fitted suit Jude, and you should know this. That's at least two book-ables. Early bath for Law. Shame as promising shape with the pocket square. The hat is also something Law should pursue on various levels.

Stubbs out in the Metropolis. Take it away Sophia..

"Big fat one she's a go-go dancer, little slim one who's one who's a radio announcer, one hoity toity, one fightie fightie..."*

*amended as per Bimboinnayabombas comment. Thanks for that. Got the spelling off the internet when was well late last night and tired.

PS. More grey suits this week from Barlow vs. O'Leary on the telly thing.