Been doing tax returns. It gets more frequent it seems, ever closer to the actual now. I hope that trend doesn't continue. Limited company? Seems pretty unlimited from here. Previously there seemed to be an eighteen month buffer before one trawled through tawdry tallies, scrawled records and tired, pressed-flat receipts. Every single parking minute, every glass of Gavi, every Addison airlift out of the metropolis, is all down there in black and white. And with this paper trail a damning statement of what you actually do with your time. And where and with who. How come you can remember every last expenditure down to the weather and the music, the banter and the lipstick? It's tax deductible total recall.

So completely traceable. So completely recallable. No room for regrets, it's all too extensive, too comprehensive. Must strive to do something more resonate before the next one is due. Get off paper radar. Lay down some significant numerics another way. Not at this rate I won't. Am paying higher rate memory tax on the parallax lifestyle of a year ago. A hedonist's leisure echo. Must be a message in there somewhere. Too shattered to consider it this quarter. Regardless, one could always get to the end and file for moral bankruptcy at the last minute. Isn't that pretty much what catholics do? Another year, another dossier : confessions of a life-stylist Vol. XII.

Stubbs out.

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