If I was attending some sort of Halloween bash, which am not, and I had a few like-minded comrades, which I do not, I would consider Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margerita for inspiration. More particularly the elegant Woland and members of his retinue: Woland himself turns up in various perfectly composed mono-colour ensembles with brilliant sounding accessorisation going on. The menacing Azazello magician/make-up pusher/assassin is often in imposing three piece pinstripe and bowler hat and with single protruding fang. Koroviev dresses in check tweed tailoring, Pince-Nez glasses and deerstalkeresque hat . Even Behemoth the massive out-of-order black cat, fond of vodka and pistols, would be excellent, and too Hella the naked, rotten/gangrenous and glamourous witch would make excellent reference points.

The novel is full of vivid description but still not set hard and fast, so would allow fantastically stylish interpretations for the present. It might not even have to function as 'fancy' dress or costume. Just a thought, unlikely to need it though. Am going swimming in open air. Gonna channel one/some of the above, perhaps even Woland himself. Got the right hat, just need Satanic goggles and am away.

Stubbs out, keeping it sinister at the Lido

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