Managed to contain my afternoon's work gathering clothes for a young comedian's new look yesterday entirely in the Shoreditch manor. This was both pleasant and amusing. Some of my key shops are there for certain manoeuvres, Sunspel, Present and Start for example.

One has to note a large number of fisherman/dry stone waller/rambler trendies walking about with great purpose and aplomb in that area, beards, walking boots and all. Or drinking coffee, which isn't very rambler at all. Where's your flasks boys? The arse is so about to fall out of that look surely. It's been completely rinsed. Some shops are still purveying the gear mind. £500 folk singer cardies and, shapeless canvas jackets with patch pockets. How can blindly dressing like Shaker millers or fence builders feel chic, savvy or hep ? Is quite beyond me am afraid. Who were the first fisherman/ramblers, are they really peeved and have the moved on to wearing waders and dungarees yet? Duffle coats are entering the scene now. Don't think can condone a duffle coat.

Expect mannish outerwear antidote from this site later in week, I bloody promise. I really need to start delivering the manifesto on here, but the real world keeps impinging. What can I say?


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