Been thinking about doing something here on leather jackets. Maybe 'cause fancy one myself. Needs proper research, a leather is quite a statement about self. Shot this one by Dolce&Gabbana (click) yesterday on that Luke Evans actor fellow. He's a dashing so-and-so. Only had to point the camera at him and teamed with massive HMI lighting he was smouldering all over the shop. Gandy better watch it. The look worked very well for what we were up to. This shot is just nabbed from my Flip Camera, not a proper one from shoot FYI.

This jacket is from Matches (click it). It's washed/tumbled leather and feels dead good on. Might be a tad pre-distressed for my needs. Can't decide yet. Maybe a tad 'young'. Drops nicely on the boy Evans though, no? There is some biro on the sleeve, swear it wasn't me as dont even touch biro, ever. Hm.

Other fav'  jacket was little black leather biker by Lee Jeans yesterday, will see if can get an image. Gonna compile a list of 'maybe-baby' leather jackets and stick 'em up. Was rolling 'round in a little suede blouson a bit like one below when was about 16 years old. £40 it was second hand. Probably best thing ever bought that decade. (Did buy some shite that decade mind). Was trying to do bit of  James Dean, obviously. Had the barnet down, less so every thing else. The Saturday job in Keymarkets didnt help.

TS out.

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