Say you had a new really special, pale DB blazer, right? Say you were thinking of dropping it at the weekend for some exciting do that followed work, just suppose, but it was clearly the wrong time of year. Would that matter? And how would you approach light-flashness in Autumn. Me, like Alain Delon here, am thinking of going dark under light. Possibly even bit of a round neck thing with a thin scarf tucked in. Could work? Does help if you look like Alain mind, but still.

The piece in question is so clearly flash Riviera style, open weave, light colour, big lapels,  maybe got wrong emotion going down for November. Sometimes massive missappropriation is just the thing. Sometimes. No outerwear could really function in with equation, that's the other problem. Jean/pant in almost same colour plus suitable poncy shoes, would also inevitably mean strictly an indoor flex regardless. Don't think can wait 'till Spring to wear it though. Could be entirely bald by then. Or have no upper-head left what-so-ever, (see below).

Cropping is all the rage this week it seems, (heads, not tops that is). Been cropping where I can in preparation for Salon QP tonight. The watch fest spectacular that happens once a year. Is quite a gig, if you're into your kettles that is. Made a mood board for the occasion (hence the cropping), and am gonna channel for tonight's look. Might just have one more espresso before deciding who to be (see mood board).

Name croppies and win a mention/prize/not thought it through yet.

Going out on press days now. Argh, the sheer futility of it all when we're all gonna be plunged so soon. All the more reason to keep it Autumn flash. Might never be another Spring flash.

Stubbs out.

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