Prepping for a shoot on Monday. It's for OKI-NI STYLED (click). Am double excited frankly as the brief is purely stylistic and we've got some quite potent reference to work off. Got some of my best people modelling/acting in it. Prepping in advance so there's no drama. Most advisable with my opinionated lot. Prepared is something I wish I was for the footwear/weather quotient.

After comment yesterday on Mr. Hare's Dainite soles, I got marooned in finest Gucci black leather, leather sole, mint condition horse-bit snaffles. Refused to leave the building without protection. People stared. Felt had to point out that despite looking like cock with plastic bags on feet, prepared to scuff' if they persisted with attitude. The rain produced neat anger from all sides. Quite mental stuff it would appear. Really angry. The wet public can be such mugs. Mugs in Uggs. Bags over heads would suit most of them better I venture.

Stubbs out.

PS. Watched that Life In A Day thing last night Lemsipped off my tits, and it made this whole style caper seem a bit silly. Maybe. Yeah but is it? Gotta have some sort of belief system. The bits from the US were most repugnant, followed by the UK. The rest was mainly interesting. How can we keep style an important life issue? By trying to find a touch of freedom through it maybe? Maybe best to just treat it like a religion instead.

PPS. Music on video is Turntable Orchestra and Roots Manuva 'All Things To All Men' (clickmans)