Believe it or not, this is probably my favourite bit of clothing. It fits like bespoke ski-diving wet-suit sheath. It's so light it cannot be weighed by humans without an atomic balance. It's the sportswear equivalent of a neutrino. It dries before it gets wet. It's achingly high performance, and appropriately enough, it's by Swedish ski and athletics brand Peak Performance (click). It's actually part of their R&D line. Yes, that's right, their research and development division. And best of all, it's black.

Putting this on feels brilliant. It's so utterly form follows function, it takes all anxiety and consideration about clobber away. It's like a stylistic deferral. I just deferred all over Hackney Downs. All evils from the night are absolved. Easy. Talking of the night, am gonna stage a black renaissance, I think. Or at least a very dark one. Went out last night in black. Well, and Midnight blue too. Met a bloke all in black. Bevan. Or B'van, as I like to pronounce him. All around us washed out shades of normal with splashes of oh so popular colour. Am loathe to say it out loud, but we looked miles better. Fuck it, I've said it now. We looked considerably better. Am talking in the realm of casual and smart casual. Fully tailored looks can be different, so let's hold off on that for now. Anyway, men can 'do colour' by all means, just doesn't look particularly good that's all. For Bevan and I it was black Friday, and Midnight blue night all in one.

Black, blue, navy, or midnight blue, blue-black, charcoal, chocolate, all that darkness is working so well together. And dark denim. And a bit of marl. Hold it down within that, and you're gonna look better.

Am in a black Adi Lee. The driver is good, but is swinging the For Sharon about so vigorously that keeping a lap top open and staying upright is an abdominal workout of its own.

Sing "We're all going to Wembley, our abs have gone all trembly, whoa whoa whoa whoa"

Sorry, got distracted, so the theme for the weekend end is men in black. Or dark. Men in dark doesn't quite work.

TS out.

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