I neglect black shoes. I've always thought their leather looks less interesting than ones of colour, maybe even cheaper, if you know what I mean. Coming round on that one. Now need some for something. Been out looking. Went to see Mr. Hare (click). He's good at shoes is Mr. Hare. Very British, but with some additional nuances always in the equation.

Mr.Hare 'London'

These Derby fellas are called London. Very low-key, yes,  but there's something very appealing about them. They're quite skinhead. Stick them with the Crombie I was coughing all over yesterday (became ill in Crombie) and you've got a look. They've got a Dainite sole, which I dont know if I can make the leap into yet. Might feel a bit traffic warden after years of leather. Got a pair of Miller's by him too in the boot of the Saab. Might get them out and shoot them. I think I might hate iphone photography though. Maybe I need a black camera too.

"I wear black on the outside, cause black is how I feel on the inside"

Unloveable - The Smiths (see end of post)

Fresh outta the Saab: Miller's by Mr.Hare

These are the Mr. Hare Millers (above). Really handsome shoe with extras. A patent toe so they can go anyway and do anything with a mere whip of your napkin. Found a Claridges napkin in my cellar based handkerchief archive yesterday. Was down there cause of the illness you know. Saw some other maybe baby's at Dolce, and of course JM Weston.


Is weird in Dolce shop. Men's customers so un-aspirational. Just flabby, scruffy, rich lay-abouts. Great look. I got ignored. Odd place.

JM Weston

Got to get off the JM Wagon. Looks bad in GQ.Com every week. Very tempting though, as always elegant and always properly robust. Fashion shoes these are not, yet they still crank it right up on the panache stakes.

Will go to car and get the Millers out. It's raining, which makes me think maybe this Dainite sole thing is a good one? Especially with this mystery illness/cold striking hard and unexpectedly. Had to cancel my last three apts. Went to buy a plaice as a remedy. Ended up buying a dishwasher proof skillet from John Lewis. Good job I wasn't looking for offal, lord knows where that would have ended up.

TS out till tomorrow. Do hope am not still ill.

PS. Can't believe how few of you logged on for Jimmy yesterday. What's the problem?

PPS. Ill is for the slob customers down Dolce, the tab smokers outside offices and for people who say happy Thursday.

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