Still completely under cosh with various so shall not be banging on at any length today. Did see a person yesterday, other than the fishmonger woman. Stretch slipped by to take my gold lower case Times New Roman 't' pendant back for a couple of adjustments. Mainly lengthening. Will post this when its done. He also enquired about my Uniqlo discount card. He and the family were on their way to Westfield-East, the East London retail Death Star. Christmas shopping no less.

In my desk draw is a whole section on discount cards. I gave him all the live ones he could want. Baby Gap, Reiss, Uniqlo, Baby DP, Russell&Gromet, Topman OAP, the lot. To back this up I gave him a handful of Sunday Times Style business cards, my i-d from The SIHH watch convention in Geneva (despite wrong picture), an X Factor AAA card, and even a couple of boarding-pass stubs that were kicking about as cross reference. A new Bourne discount identity. Made us laugh anyway. "I'll call you if it kicks off" Stretch joked. As they drove off, I knew I'd never see him again. Until later this week that is, when I visit him down Hattons.

TS out.

P.S. Christian, am on it brother, but had to do GQ and Mr.Porter first, then its all about the copy.

P.P.S 'Hattons' refers to Hatton Garden, not Derek Hattons pub, the Red Flag in Enfield.

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