Have some interesting Gaddafi style stuff would like to share. Too, too much on to explain or properly lay down a post though am afraid. Shame. Press days, a tailoring introduction, but first a run, a hair-cut and some mood-boards. Mood-boards? For fuck sake. Mood boards are so over-rated. A touch stone of the creative process but also, a right arse-pain putting together. I'd rather perform a mime with accompanying medley of rare Scott Walker tracks. In fact, here's my mood board for my haircut and visit to the opticians for new frames. What would you do Moody? Not even seen this little video before recently. Check Shaun's bins. Very 'now', no? Quite early take of Performance, a track am sure you'll all know, and its reference points, don't you? Don't get soap on the gentleman's collar Rosie.

I like a bit of a cavort. I don't send 'em mood boards. I apply a bit of pressure.

Stubbs out.

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