Styled a look for GQ's best dressed list today thing today. Not one of the list people, but on a model. Did him as Alain Delon in Plein Soleil. The bit when he's having lunch in that nice hotel. Ah, those were the days... It went OK I think. Tomorrow doing Mr.Porter with him off the tele. Looking forward to meeting Mr.Porter. Have heard he's a right hoot, and not what you'd expect at all. I hope we all go to lunch together. Like in Plein Sol... oh. Anyway, leaving the dream? Er, sort of. Anyway, I want you to meet my new wallet. There she is with her family, below. Second from the back. She's ginger. She's by Tod's, obviously (click)

The wallet/wifey is made from 'pelle martellata' (hammered leather) and is delightful, dont ya think? Exotic, slim, expensive, new. Wondering why I'm calling the wallet wifey? Could explain but too knackered to articulate at moment. Put it this way. I did have another wallet that I used 'till recently, see? Then I saw this one...

I cannot serve Tod's and Mammon. Trying to do a symbolic mood-board but forgot how.

TS out.

Note. Conspicuous consumerism is the infidelity of good taste.

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