When in doubt, resort to actually blogging. Hm. That's not what I had in mind at all. I planned to deliver a refreshingly honest and savvy take on men's style. What do I do? Talk shite about how busy I am running round collecting ties and shoes. Hardly world shattering, or even game changing. Oh well. Planned to write a game changer. Too, too late, but now just to eat, listen and, ahem, blog. Excuse me. OK, went to RRL on Mount Street to see their shop. Ralph, Ralph Lauren that is. Its pretty, pretty vintage. Look, they even got into that Australian crim shoot we just did. Dagnabbit. More of that at the end. But you have to get to the end first. Stay with me.

Now here's the thing: Don't get me wrong, am not moaning in the slightest, #justsayin'. (can't even find the bleedin # on my Mac, have to keep one in a word doc called Hash Tag. Quite bad). Anyway, #justsayin', was working today, then shooting /appearing in the Thom Sweeney (clicky) ambassadors thing, which am one. Stop laughing. I am, and so is Dave Gandy. Another S&E reader, Mr.Biffa has also done it. He claims to be a 'behind the scenes guy'. Yeah right. He's a proper styler, and his shots are excellent. Nice work Biffa. Sort of Ferry meets Mozza, almost. There were some other right old dressers in mix. An older Brando type. Others. Will get the images and post them. And there's Gandy. Always Gandy. Hello Dave. Lets have some blue steel...

Thank you David, you can go for a wee now. Right, back in the yard now, E5. You know you're back to basics for kicks when having cold bare feet on stone (that's right, I have some stone), is a bit of a buzz. A thrill. It sort of reminds you of your humanity and the fact the having somewhere to be warm is a god send. Its also almost pleasant as the knowledge that you can make the sensation go at any point equates to power. Shear power! Regardless of cold/warm quotient, begin cooking at 23.00 with Max Rheinhardt on Radio 3. (NB. this is live blogging). Max is great, he's a proper outre companion. If you go through Max without making a play, you're a bit fucking marooned. Hoping not to. Anyway, just begun cooking. Kate Tempest is in session. She is double-good (click clicky). She sounds like a Sixties black American protest poet, but she's from South London, ginger, and she's right now. Dont dismiss. She's with The Elysian Quartet on the Radio 3 right now...

Anyway, Torbay Sole- "A refreshing alternative to Lemon or Dover sole". Yeah, but you can see why they didnt quite take off like Lemo' of Dovo' have. They fall to fucking pieces for starters. Maybe that's their USP? OK, so this one goes out to all the dislocated Torbay Soul people out there working the night shift, big up yourselves, and put some sox on. Patsy, take it away. (Never took off in chip shops either). Gotta love an outsider, no?

While we're doing some live performance, lets have Cannibal Kids, Kate Tempest. Stay with it..

Still with me? Christ you're a fan/stayer/night mover too. OK, the RRL shop thing on Mount Street. Ralph doesn't even promote this thing. It's like, if you know, you know right? Cool, yeah? Anyway, they'd invited a load of 'vintage people' down. Some of them actually looked good. Not all, but some. But then it's like, are you strictly vintage? Vintage suit, yes? Vintage girlfriends, oh yes, with the little red lips and the quiff barnet. But what happens when you gotta pay the congestion charge. Do you vintage that too. I just realised, forgot the congestion charge. Dagnabbit. Anyway, there was a bunch of young Vintage bods that arrived as I was leaving, and they actually looked the part, like they were having a craic and were working with vintage for real. They were linked to that mag called Mens File (dont click, is no link here).

Some of the suits and bits down RRL were properly good. I'd wear them. They were stylish. But what about hanging about in a vintage only crew being vintage. How does that leave you? Proper denial. Its an escape, but up a dead end. Misappropriation, bring it on, and her mate. But pure, pure vintage tings? Hm. Bit jekyll, surely? It's costume surely. There's no actual scene. Just a museum. Old stuff? Pah! Do you use old condoms and eat crap old food too? What else do you do? Am ranting now. What else do I do? I just drove home sober to do my accounts and deal with shoes and ties again. Not exactly LTD (living the dream). Got really cold feet now. Max has gone. He's not coming back to January. Am properly marooned, and gotta pay the blessed con charge. Naused the whole thing again. Still not changed any games or been style savvy. Gonna get some Thom Sweeney and some of the RRL vintage posse and compare. Do you wanna give them a score? TS vs RRL. Lets see eh...

Stubbs marooned.

PS. Did try to keep it short and sweet, and simple. Naused it #hopelessnightmover

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