Shot yesterday for OKI-NI 'STYLED' series and used two of my closest pals as models/actors, Toby & Christos. It was that 1920's archive-shot hoodlum inspired thing was going on about.  Was so proud that my boys turned up, played the fools a bit, talked about all-sorts of daft random stuff, yet when it came to crunch time delivered with the attitude, the style and the posture in a way that blew the pros (who attended later) out of the water. The 'prison porn' shoot mentioned in the video is, of course innocently only some shots from last summer of JW and Christos with their tops off/tats out in the garden, in the sun. Nothing more lurid than that, (although is fairly lurid).

So, so happy about whole day. Was double pleased. Didn't film Stretch, which was shame, as he looked really very good, (although say it myself). Hope to include later in week perhaps.

Spot the difference, eh? Easy. Christos doesn't smoke.

Stubbs in/out, of the manor all day for once: Keeping it E5 and feeling alive...

PS. Note denim style contrast shot below. I was not wearing a bowler yesterday, that was a piece from the shoot I just threw on darlinks. Christos however manages this level of style almost constantly.

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