So the other half of the wifey/wallet parallel, yeah? NB. Don't have any sort of wifey, just nice two wallets. Now supposed to be ensconced blissfully with new Tod's wallet. The old model stripped of its credentials: cards, notes, i-ds, Lido membership (yes, am showing off), everything, is resting in the glamorous S.L.G* and jewellery drawer of the Kai Kristiansen. The Dunhill cordovan leather eight card wallet looks very slim again. Pliable and rare.  A bit more lux' now it's not about my person everyday. It feels glossier too.

After a couple of days of seeing it in this fresh positive light, have been compelled to bring it back into use. For more rugged forays into the world its tough, yet tactile handle is spot on. They're more fancy-able when they're empty for some reason, these wallet affairs. Maybe it's cause they've no trace of you in them. It's a pain decanting all the innards, but the multi-wallet system works for me. Have the same thing with card holders. Got three on the go. High risk on an Oyster card loss level, but somehow seems churlish not to take advantage of the facilities: Berluti calf leather for daily, grey croc B.C. for night, Smythsons aqua full grain for Riviera/sporting events. For now, at least,  am enjoying a multiple SLG lifestyle.

Anyway. Think have lost perspective on life here slightly, so going for a run. No wallet required.


* Small Leather Goods. Der. Wanna read my cunningly titled 'Hide & Sleek' piece in FT on S.L.Gs? Course you do. (click)

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