Been doing press days recently, which is where from Tuesday to Thursday one (one as in 'fashion people') goes and looks at what brands and designers are doing for SS2012. Sometimes you get cake, sometimes you get fizz. Invariably you get a load of stuff to take away that is useless, including lookbooks you won't ever use. I eschew these books/goody bags, but never the cake.

Looking at all this gear made me think might be in mood to start commenting a bit more directly on product and less so on personal travel arrangements/difficulties in coping with modern culture etc. Might lead to something more useful perhaps. I'm game for a mood-board on the matter, but slightly in-check with another matter at mo'

This chess board is by Hermes. Some of their other bits were definitely worthy of a style mood-board No.1, which am gonna have a go at later, honest. Might add some other elements too and launch Mood-Boar. Might not though. Might be rubbish.

Stubbs out.

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