This image is from 1920s Australia, and is part of a set of shots of  repeat offenders taken by the police as some sort of crim' survey. This means the subjects are by no means bang to rites at this point, hence the attitude. Using some shots from this set for reference for project, but am struck they'd work so well for certain other style purposes and would not be out of place in Master&Margerita either. Detail and posture are exceptional, and he's even wearing pince-nez bins a la Koroviev.

Little vest-wide pants. Like it a lot. Will think on.

Got to hand my Nespresso machine over shortly. It's not been well. Coffee has been poor. Clooney and his mates want it wrapped in bubble wrap. So glad had a bubble wrap dispenser fitted in cellar. Life is going to be flat without machine.

TS out.

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