Every saturday evening for the last eight weeks, at about 6pm in Wembley, London, possibly the most important men's stylistic conversation of the week in the U.K., nay the world, takes place. Possibly. It's the moment when vaunted menswear stylist, GQ Style's Fashion Director, golden-cherubic-curled Luke Day and I sit down and hammer out exactly what our respective charges are gonna wear on the X Factor that night. Luke looks after Barlow, and I do matey O'Leary. Our stylistic summit channels proper high-brow strategic stuff. Over the canteens finest gelato and a gin Martini, we juxtapose, plot, project and consider the implications of the guest acts to devise the most erudite sartorial solution for the biggest show on tele's Alpha males to look their most stylish. Then, if we remember, we make sure they're not wearing same colour tie, (like what happened in week four).

Style summit.

Last night for example, we had to film a bit of tonight's (Sundays) show in advance. A pre-record, I believe they are called. Right confusing pain in arse they can prove to be. Means you have to not only have Saturday look ready, but tomorrow's too, and be ready to swap them over dead quick. Mental stuff. That's where the skill comes in. G.B is in three piece brown Ralph Lauren purple label tonight, I can exclusively reveal, where as Dermot did Thom Sweeney three piece hounds tooth with double-breasted waistcoat last night. Imagine if they'd both come out in those get ups on the same night? They'd look like James Mason and Edward Fox in The Shooting Party. Or Foggy and Combo out of Last of The Summer Wine, depending on your view point.

More of this sort of insight later once I've done me mood-boards for TAG Heuer and something rather taxing on my Swiss ball.


PS. How many of you lot do remember Are You Being Served I wonder?

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