So, am on deadline for this big tailoring thing am writing for The FT How To Spunk It magazine, right? But am waiting for a reply from Tom Ford about his fabrics. It was that letter I wrote him the other day. Anyway, last night's Wrap* party was a bit more 'involved' than I anticipated. Have not finished piece as a result, sort of. Am seriously considering blaming Tom for late filing of copy. What do you reckon? Quite glamorous in a way. "Dear Gillian, I would file, but waiting for Mr. Ford to find time in his schedule to write back to me. Do Hope is fine. All the best Tx" What do you reckon?

Umm. Re-read the letter I wrote. Feel like a bit of a pillock now. Used the word 'daft' at one point. Not very Texan. Shit it. Oh well. Just have to sit tight. And sit up all night writing too. Talk about procrastination. Actually, think I will. Bloody hell deadlines are great motivators for things like cleaning/re-styling bathroom cabinet or re-merchandising loafer collection. Hang on...

Stubbs out.

*Do you know what W.R.A.P. stands for in terms of party? Wind, reel and print, innit. Thanks for that one sister Ju (University of Life). Oh, how the researchers and runners were enthralled as I trotted that out endlessly. Oh yes.

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