On Saturdays post, I mentioned that I planned to go out to a 'garage bash' with the young 'ens. That I did. I then elected to follow it up with another foray into Sunday night/Monday morning with assorted TV pals and the Kelly Rowland entourage featuring KR. We were at the appropriately named 'W' hotel. Perhaps it was the climax of 28 working in a row, but something propelled me into a full throttle black Russian drinking spin that rendered me almost immobile yesterday. Felt like had been keel hauled. Clever stuff. All I could manage was the short limp to one of our regular furniture dealers, Maurice of The 2&4 gallery in De Beauvoir (click).

Slumped in a Sixties Danish armchair, one throbbing kidney hung over each of the arms, bolstered by tea and clementine cake, I'd spotted some hooks with coloured knobs I fancied for my 'goods in/out' area of hall. They're French and from the Fifties. The French are good with knobs, particularly back then. They're less common than the Eames ones. Less obvious too, as no one likes an obvious knob, do they? Gonna put them on wall near the entrance to the cellar in what you might call the 'in/out' area. For style stuff, you know. Think will add stylish spin the the process. The large framed Italian film poster of Il Caso Thomas Crown will have to find a new home. This is proper riveting stuff for you am sure. Sorry. I think I'll go for a run.

Stubbs back out in the metropolis.

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