I got this fella from The George to come and wire up my Tom Dixon brass 'Void' pendant light (click). Nog is an electrician. Nog & Void. It works. A relief as had feared not gonna function in bedroom scenario. It produces a weird, warm, glowy light in a pool below it. JW and I tried the other day but couldn't finish the job. Quite an odd scene ensued. JW had a bloody nose and concussion from playing football. We persevered. I held the step ladder which wobbled erratically on it's footing on the mattress. Song For Guy by Elton came on shuffle and we wobbled to that. It was a typically futile and peculiar at the same time.

Meanwhile today outside cold, cutting wind tore through denuded trees. No sign of the birds or the squirrels while I hung the new armoured feeder. Yesterday I deployed agent orange in the theatre of war that is my back garden. Chilli powder. Been told they (the squirrels) can't bare it, but the birds are fine. We'll see.


If you're wondering how the Manifesto is going, it's fine. Not as long as would have hoped, but coming along. Also the Style & Error honours lists. Honestly. A lot of hanging about to do today though you see. Elton, if you'd be so kind..

Stubbs out.

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