So, am back at it doing proper investigative style journalism. That's right, there is such a thing. Am researching a new tailoring fabric trend that one has identified. Its a biggy for one of the proper publciations, if you know what I mean. It's for next Spring. Its about those tactile, textured, open weave clothes like hopsacks, ones with slubs in, and those textural linen/cotton/silk mixes that are appearing on certain taste monitors. Very tactile, open and with a dry soft finish. Also hunting for fabrics in natural, warm, organic looking hues. Right? It could even mean something politically/socially. Am getting out there and touching cloth big time.

Massive hopsack trend.

Surface, sheen and polish are looking a bit dated, while clearly handmade, crafted, softer almost austere looking fabrics are working. Ask you tailor about it. If he doesn't know what am chatting about, sack the joker. Or hop-sack the joker perhaps.

More from out in field as and when it happens. First have to negotiate lunch at Scotts with Agent Massey and Lady McKay. Later too am having it with the Topman massive at St.John Bread and wine. Might have to break cover at some point.

Stubbs out.

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