Let's get one thing straight. Am certain Jude and Robert couldn't give a monkeys what I say about how they look at the Premiere of Sherlock Holmes II. Reckon they might care about style however. They almost certainly suffer from the A-list actor problem of being insulated from reality, (A-Lister Stylistic Insulation Syndrome, also know as AS-LICS). Hence Downey Jr's (Ben Elton like) shinny suit and designer romper sho-boot. Designer trainers are always a bad thing on the midde-aged. As with most celebrities, no one on their crew ever says, "do you think it's entirely wise to wear an Action-Gnome hat to your film premiere?". So they end up doing it*. All the film stuff they're known for is styled by someone else. Means when they come to get dressed they're not so sure who they are. Elements here are most agree-able for sure, but its the devil-may-care balls-up of mixing it up where they've come adrift. Like the Rake blazer on Law, but then cardy and confused soft-collar shirt are rather limp. The Lanvin tight cavalry officers dress britches and boots are however completely at odds with the uncle-casual thing in the mid-secton, and more so the neck up 'Rebelious Norwegian-geologist-at-brothers-wedding' beard/hat look.

Look, it is Ben Elton. Look. That shirt/tie combo. Am I nit-picking? No, I'm bloody not. You've gotta look at them and say, 'Lads. This is a quite, quite pony turn out. You look like jokers the pair of you. Now fuck off to Claridges with your mates for the after party.' If they were just blokes, you'd look at them and think what a couple of hedge funded euro-pillocks. But they're A-list actors, so they breeze through, unmolested. Pah! Am inclined to salute belligerence, but they look properly rubbish.

Thing is, when your persona/actor profile things is so strong, its almost best to just nut about in jeans, t-shirt and a nice overcoat most of the time, and look great. Then when its a Premiere put on immaculate black tie or proper cocktail get up,  job done. This nonsense above is down to AS-LICS, celeb-clueless-ness and really naff photo-opporunties. Gonna back off now. What would I know anyway? Am sat eating Olives and Taramasalta in Clapton and think I'm sophisticated cause I know about shoes. Yeah right.

Stubbs out.

* We're all aware of Laws hair line peninsula scenario. Sympathies there, believe. But a good looking bloke like Law should become the master of the Fedora, or at least the pro-active owner of a nice Pork Pie or two.

PS. Thanks to the various fashion PRs who forwarded these pictures.