The letter 't' pendant that I commissioned from Stretch is in my possession. In gold. On thin, rope chain. Also in gold. 13 karats apparently, according to Stretch's own special winter warming gold soup recipe. Over in Clapton, we've even got a left-field karat index, you see. It's a small case t in Times New Roman font, the journalistic type face. This picture is actual size.

Only being daft. The t is 2cm long really. Stretch and I planned to do the handover in Cuts (click), The legendary Soho hairdressers now known ask We Are Cuts, during our adjacent trims. Except Cuts had a small fire this week, so they've set up in nearby Gino's, a traditional Anglo-Italian style barbers on Dean Street. This was delivering interesting cross cultural scenarios. Namely old men looking in a bemused manner at a stream of varied freaks/raggas/club-queens/nutters (Cuts regulars) filing through the shop. Removing my top half clothes to keep hair out of them proved amusing/alarming to all, as ever. Pete my cutter assured them I was 'pre-op', and the chest hair would be coming off at a later date.

Other marked differences include having UK TV Gold on a big telly playing Only Fools And Horses re-runs back to back.  Derek T, someone who's style I have alway admired, was wearing a camel polo-neck, caramel leather bomber, tweed cap and large gold capital D on a chain. I was in chocolate brown polo-neck and three piece pinstripe, camel overcoat. The parallel stylistic quotient was noted by the Ginos and the skeleton Cuts staff alike.

Think Del was actually younger than I am now when that episode was filmed. Christ. Was considering dropping this look and the t today at work with a polo neck, but been getting gip of the young folk at The Factor for wearing too many. Think they're implying they're ageing. Age is ageing. Polos necks are just chic. Still, settled on evening cross-over look, but alas styled self into a silver corner and couldnt wear t in end. Annoying stuff. Might go to some sort of garage rave later to liaise with Stretch and crew. Am sure midnight blue dinner suit, black t-shirt and Hermes scarf tucked inside t will be suitably incongruous.

'T' Stubbs, out of touch, out of time, and out on a mission.

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