Had to leave some video shoot early evening  after banning them from shooting in the rain in the suit/look had put the fella in. It's for something that goes down on Saturday night, or something. It was tipping it down, and it would have killed Rake Lounge suit dead, and rendered the Mr. Hare Joplin's average. Couldn't allow it. Couldn't stay either. Looked quite bad the 'ban and walk' move.

Had to go to various functions already signed up for. Might start asking for notes of exemption for certain duties. Leaving/banning didn't go down well. Still, had to walk to FT do at The W Hotel (there again) in rain and my own Joplin Onyx loafers. From bad to worse.

Look, not got too much to report in on at moment as working on textured fabric piece for FT. Awfully sorry. Someone said this is getting bit dull here and I'd been replaced. Not been replaced, but just under cosh. Re-grouping over Christmas, innit. I did just write a letter to Tom Ford. Does that count as an exemption for not writing an exciting blog today/this week?

Dear Mr.Ford,

Please can I ask your advice on a certain matter of ....

...thanks awfully.


Tom Stubbs.

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