Fabric investigation thwarted by forced, protracted periods of gluttony. All in the name of work. Scotts was smashing, ate well and made plans with pals, Lady Mac and Agent M. However when found self on No.8 bus heading for St.John Bread & Wine for Topman feast shortly after mulled wine pit stop at The Finch&Partners Christmas posh girl parade, realised was heading for quite bad gluttonous scene. Despite the thwarting, thus far have uncovered this on the visuals for the texture/weave story thing. It's by fabric house Loro Piana (click), and it's made from Lotus stems. It's sort of right for the story, but hardly austere.

The Lotus Eaters appear in The Odyssey, book IX. While landing on coast off Peloponnesus, Odysseus has to hoik members of his crew back on the ship as they've got side-tracked getting off their tits free-basing Lotus. Naughty junky sailors. The Lotus Eaters are quite happy plotted up, getting mashed on Lotus. This is in no way relevant to the fabric story.

The gluttony is making me 'languid and unaware of the world around', much like the affects of the Lotus in the Odyssey. Must snap out of it and quest on. But first, The First Picture of Summer. Wide pants and Barnets looks very soon to be now. Does this song make you sad, happy or just languid?


Stubbs out.

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