One finds oneself, almost, in that faintly magical spell between Christmas and New Year. The 'suspended famination', from family, friends et al, is one of the best times in the world to be single and living alone. All manner of secret, indulgent missions and schemes can take place in this invisible zone. For now, am still on family based manoeuvres at The Madre's however. Boxing Day is a good day to reflect and take stock. A stock take in fact. From The Madre herself I did receive a bottle of Courvoisier, V.Spesh.

V. pleased I am with it too. Today I realise I might well need a new piece of furniture to house spirits. Living alone and keeping one's spirits up is not a problem however. Families can make it very hard for themselves I notice.

 Yesterday our dear surrogate family next door went quite mental. Both girls, 17 and 21, and the Mum had a three way Christmas kick off. Mediated, bringing the youth contingent together in a short while using wise but 'youth' based reason. Really I did. Two glasses later wheeled em back round to Stubbs HQ to continue the traditional Cava drink-off. We transplanted Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve many years ago. It works, for us, free form drinking. There I presented the three combatants with their yearly piece of Uniqo style. Polo necks for 2011/12, in ivory, black and silver/grey marl. They seemed to work across the board and an uneasy peace descended. Word on the street however is that it all kicked off again later. Grateful am not properly involved. It's harmonious here in comparison. Mother, pass the Courvoisier. Busta, fancy another portion of trifle? "Dont this trifle make a..."


Particularly keen on the black tie looks they're wearing in the second bit of the video.

Tomorrow I debut the new bird garden hardware what I did receive. I might have lost the recent battle with the squirrels, but the war ain't over. I am back, tooled up, and this time it's serious.

TS out.

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